Month: September 2018

Journeys, Survival

The journey to the coldest place in the world

The first snow of the season began to fall when I and my walk hand in hand between the crowded shopping street. No cover large umbrella stand tiny white snowflakes wind blow away pedestrians face, sparkling under the street lights yellow. Newer four o’clock in the afternoon but it was dark like that, if followed by civil […]


Saigon – Dalat Trip: Discover and Sharing (pt3)

Visit to Dalat, there’s impossible we can’t visit some of the coffee pub which very characteristic of city of “smog”. But also the coffee here-consistent of Cung To Chieu’s pub we visit, a very special, made many curious opinion-split crew walked us into two groups: 1 people decide whether to climb the Hill pub and endless absolutely no […]


Saigon – Dalat Trip: Discover and Sharing (pt2)

Maybe, if we adhere to time and plan, the journey will be more assurance about, so we don’t have to regret when it’s on, people’s health will also help better fatigue. However, if done, will probably generate a cruise too strained, something not really comfortable, the stuff we want to completely let go when making […]