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Shinsaibashi (Osaka) – A reckless trip

Saigon in the early days of autumn, it’s drizzle, I am sitting here and remember the drizzle in Osaka ,It’s the rain that caused to me to run headlong into the bustling Shinsaibashi … God has born to me in the constellation Sagittarius, it was giddy ,there has the more blood of the “dose” so […]


Myanmar Trip – The secret of personal experience

Although many articles about Myanmar read before going, most of them say that low-season so should not need to put before anything, but I highly recommend people as possible should be put before everything (such as bus tickets, taxi, carriage, ks …) will get much better prices and more active. In Myanmar now a domestic […]


What should you buy when traveling to Cambodia…

There are not many things to buy in Phnompenh (Cambodia) “-that is the comment of not less than one time when the tourists to Cambodia. The truth is that? Phnompenh is not a major shopping centre of the region (the world) as Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore, … Look at the infrastructure here make you will also […]


Remember of the autumm days in Nikko

I’m just in Tokyo for two days and then catch the boat at Nikko. Maybe I am too old should not match the most expensive city in the world. What horrible eastern city! Street, the station full of people wearing black suits rush is full of stress, that’s hard to find the buried in this […]