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Shinsaibashi (Osaka) – A reckless trip

Saigon in the early days of autumn, it’s drizzle, I am sitting here and remember the drizzle in Osaka ,It’s the rain that caused to me to run headlong into the bustling Shinsaibashi … God has born to me in the constellation Sagittarius, it was giddy ,there has the more blood of the “dose” so […]


Visit to the land of “rejected”

I met Mr Juculov (the Czech Republic) in the hostel in the capital Kabul Salsal and decided to go public to come to Bamyan once the capital-Buddhism in Afghanistan in ancient times. We like to stand together to share emotions “fear” when supply road from Bamyan to Kabul to come across the Taliban occupation. Mr […]


When I talk about the strange place…

Sometimes, in my crave was just sailed to somewhere with the heavy rucksacks trịch process on the shoulders, making a certain angle under an awning, roll yourself up in a warm sleeping bag and breathe the air of night a strange place, or if there is money, rent a room in a small hotel, the […]