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Myanmar – The strange things not everyone knows

Myanmar was once flourishing country of Asia, but those dozen years embargoed, Myanmar became too obsolete. But now, there’s  less than 10 years, this country has miraculous makeover, attempts to return to its golden memories. World travelers, including the bustling Vietnamese come to the pilgrimage on Earth Buddha and how experience other strange things. 1. […]

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The journey to the coldest place in the world

The first snow of the season began to fall when I and my walk hand in hand between the crowded shopping street. No cover large umbrella stand tiny white snowflakes wind blow away pedestrians face, sparkling under the street lights yellow. Newer four o’clock in the afternoon but it was dark like that, if followed by civil […]


Lai Chau trip Part 3 – Some of unique festivals

Every festive season as people Laizhou back fond gun in the colorful dresses, eagerly together to soak up the bustling atmosphere here. Let us go through the festival highlights and find out how they stayed. (In this article we are not referring to the festivities taking place in areas of Muong Te, Phong Tho, Sin […]


Lai Chau Trip Part 2 – The unforgettable dishes

“When you’re in just the land where, when we go to the land of souls,” not only land Footbinding Laizhou tourists by the wild beauty of the spiritual values ​​that are filled in the dish, style habits … well enough for visitors to linger, do not want to leave. Join us to learn the specialties […]