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The journey to the coldest place in the world

The first snow of the season began to fall when I and my walk hand in hand between the crowded shopping street. No cover large umbrella stand tiny white snowflakes wind blow away pedestrians face, sparkling under the street lights yellow. Newer four o’clock in the afternoon but it was dark like that, if followed by civil […]


Wilderness survival – What should I prepare for (pt1)

The skills and knowledge important that you need to study and practice are: – Knowledge of nature, climate, weather, environment, flora and fauna … – The methods of finding direction – Read and use maps and geographic – Techniques to move beyond obstacles – Engineering tents and shelter hut how natural materials. – Crafts, forestry. […]


Wilderness survival – What should I prepare for (pt2)

★ OF ITEMS NEEDED – Backpack – Books, writing paper, diaries journey … – Maps, and localities – Global Positioning Equipment GPS – Clock – Binoculars – Cameras & Film – Portable radio receiver (radio) – Mobile (if coverage areas) – Flashlight & battery & backup bulb – Hurricane lamps, candles – Knives hunting (or […]


Wilderness survival – Issues of direction

★ THE DIRECTION Looking at the following wind flower we saw four main directions: 1. East or East abbreviated E. 2. West or West stands W. 3. South or South stands S. 4. North or North abbreviated N. (We also use fleur-de-lis to just north instead of the letter N). Four extra guide is: 1. […]


Crossing the river

There are three instances when crossing the river – stream: – Song wadi, can wade pass. – River deep stream, to swim or use the float, raft to cross. – How to bypass bridge. ★ cores CROSSING Prepare: – Selecting the right position to cross the river: The river where the water flows slowly winding […]


Wilderness survival – Uphill

When uphill, you have to use much effort, so very easy to get tired, so, you should note the following: – Choose a good pair of shoes, both feet, high grip, will help you efficiently when climbing. – Keep the breath regulation and if rapid breathing or panting means you have gone too much, let’s […]