Korankei – The quiet riot within the city excitement Nagoya

I was in Kyoto for five days then up to two more days in Nagoya, before returning to Vietnam to end the first Japanese trip in two weeks of mine. Page flip books in the “lonely planet” that I brought beside me, I looked through those places need to in Nagoya in the two last days here that I see is the destination in the city, all of which are quite different to his hobby: is the tv tower, which is the tall buildings and shopping … I feel a bit bored and thinking do not know where I will play here? visit the cafe probably not watch the city throughout the evening to pass time in the shopping mall? Not so good! I have to find somewhere on the outskirts to become their destination …

Search on the internet, I found the Korankei-a small village located not far from Nagoya but have a distance away. I read on the forum for more info then found they had little difficulty bacpack type ride [the majority of people coming by private car or car tour] as to change trains and bus more than an hour and the best horror is this very route bus field trips … I sell sell should run down facilities ask front desk guy, she also told me that this season started East to that region but afraid I take public transportation will take much time and hard work. Look her replies I also somewhat balk but last paragraph you’d naturally insist that if you go, you should go because I think this is a point worth to go there! As more smoking, I immediately in net search way and then run up the room carry laptop backpacks out ga subway to go inland to save time!
Morning in Nagoya, Osaka or Kyoto genus then the subway would also overwhelmed people because that is now people go to work. Many at this party from subway train ride need step also moves because the Soviet people flow in from behind & also today y chang … I just stand in line only to be pushed up or down the ship to ship health re:) hehe

I was on the other line to Akaike and then from there I buy train tickets go Josui. Josui is a ga in the city of Toyota. I’m not sure this is where Toyota car production or not on a lot of cars toyota run. I have to take bus Josui station more than a hour to Korankei. If the bus had little English name easy know over here in this whole Josui bus, Mylene record. I read on the net know the bus from here go Korankei only 1 per hour but I do not know now would run the shuttle bus & bus in few numbers stations because I don’t know Japanese letters at all! This little region, bus stations, I’m calm, the wind then hiss once the frozen … I ran the reverse ga & write out the word Korankei as well as draw the same bus clock Italy is asking the bus go Korankei running time … return is my mikumari guard station with the words “number 1” so I understand the bus number 1, thank-you notes done run out but didn’t see a nostalgic look at bus stations bus has a front. .. So is running backwards to the next train station guards Uncle ask … And this time, you better speak Japanese very weird but I guess it was from the “bus station 1” hihi … I out the station, search columns have the number 1 and then sitting there waiting for the next bus. Bus to come, to be eaten I run up to your doctor by opening the phone has a famous Red Bridge Korankei only on … & have up to three physician member shaking their heads … until the bus Wednesday to me to get a nod & so I began to experience the Korankei bus.

Korankei is a small village in a Valley surrounded by mountains where Kojakuji Temple & Limori considered spot beautiful fall red gold for the Chūbu region. In the 17th century, the monks in the Temple of Kojakuji has red leaves crops along the road to the temple, then the surrounding area see beautiful planted according to a vast area and the river mountains, a lean & forest leaf leaves red gold that form & fall, from mid November to early December red leaf gold leaf, where it fell, forming a great fall painting-how spirit traveler.

Tomoe River flows along the mountain deep water & very much not Limori in undulating slabs, is where visitors come here sit the scenic cloudy mountain river. At the red-yellow fall foliage season burst forth, along with bright red paint Taigetsukyo bridge has become the symbol of the beautiful Korankei, printed large format painting sheets paste ads in all over the station, the bus station … to attract visitors.

Korankei, to go along the River, then legs tired sitting on the stone sink under maple leaf red gold HA breaths of fresh air, watch the water flow in the veo drifting just ignored is also interesting. Boredom with the river water, wandering the road small men along the foot of mountains sealed by the trees straight red green yellow towering afternoon I also incredibly amazing. Wooden chairs, a small wooden roadside homes is available across the street doing nowhere Yen to break when the visitors tired … or visit the cross in the Kojakuji Temple in the Hill halfway wash your face with cool water to drink in the veo scoop by the briquette made from bamboo stems that unique rustic sophistication hard to doubt and a little break to continue strolling around Korankei step.

Where halfway Sanshu Asuke village, nestled under the trees as more points for Korankei. The old wooden houses and traditional style of Japanese content, along with simple wood yard, lantern salons, studios do rough paper … make the traveller to more like it. Cage was alternated with dry grazing cows confused somewhere, the us Bureau of Bureau’s flock of chickens, birds on the tree’s von pinch or the Chipmunk jump on Toad shoots boning … all make up a beautiful, peaceful Korankei & colorful.

Autumn is the season of visitors pull on the Korankei East for. The other season still have visitors come to this but not many rai hybrid by autumn colors yellow red colors it makes the scene more beautiful. On the crowded on occasion burst forth leaves crumpled red gold, people held Music Festival every day to night lamp is lit under the canopy to enjoy until 9 pm & night heard the road traffic also Korankei terrible! sometimes all day to get here again.

I’m back to tiny bus station in roadsides have two rows of wooden chairs cute rustic cannot describe waiting back in again when the Sun is coming of Nagoya after the visit is under the river sitting enjoying a bowl of green tea ice cream & udon savoring delicious can not describe. I crush something stick to green tea in Japan so virtually any day spent little money to enjoy … has packed is the cake, ice cream, breakfast is breakfast is something I do not remember the name but all have green tea stick to it. Go to Japan I found nothing I don’t eat dinner … which is all I want to eat more but limited budget should not be limited to discharge its … am on quickly so maybe I have to date Japan to see at least a few more times by heard season Japan also smooth out Asian beauty!

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