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Remember of the autumm days in Nikko

I’m just in Tokyo for two days and then catch the boat at Nikko. Maybe I am too old should not match the most expensive city in the world. What horrible eastern city! Street, the station full of people wearing black suits rush is full of stress, that’s hard to find the buried in this […]


When I talk about the strange place…

Sometimes, in my crave was just sailed to somewhere with the heavy rucksacks trịch process on the shoulders, making a certain angle under an awning, roll yourself up in a warm sleeping bag and breathe the air of night a strange place, or if there is money, rent a room in a small hotel, the […]


Travel to Italy – My advice for a safe trip

Europe has always been an attractive destination. Italia as a destination can hardly ignore. If you have one week in Italy, How is your schedule of that? Let’s consult for my advisor  in the article below and wish you a memorable to stay in here. Italy: Venice 2 days, respectively, Florence and Rome 2 days 2-3 days […]