When I talk about the strange place…

Sometimes, in my crave was just sailed to somewhere with the heavy rucksacks trịch process on the shoulders, making a certain angle under an awning, roll yourself up in a warm sleeping bag and breathe the air of night a strange place, or if there is money, rent a room in a small hotel, the class of real bathing clean to erase the dust road , located off, Tuck and look outside the city of strangers, if Moon and stars then that’s great, with rain also very good. The general title again, just want to go, to a strange place, where also, stars for the releases of a soul like move as I go.

But sometimes, can’t go, death sticks a spot, how much work to do, full of calculated need to think, and the money is also a not small. What should I do when the play went feet that do not allow themselves to be spot up the road? The money is always the problem but that has never prevented me from up the road. I remember in one outing, I have a bit of money enough to buy train tickets to come, but I wanted to go too, I like to go in there, get your motorcycle my sister, I want to from there go up trail, crashing after him being out into the trail full of mountain forests I want to be going up Hai Van pass … so I think and I always think of ways to get money for himself a legitimate way and double magic section, because it seems when I want I always help a great surprise that I can’t count.

Like this here, I can’t go anywhere, just sit with computer side plying the country of Narnia, I’m nowhere in there, find out what magical Wonderland that’s all the motivation for themselves, find a rope fasten yourself into this tiny room where I can only come to Narnia through the wardrobe also, the main door is always be the wedge tightly by the will not disappear. Sounds really weird right? That it is so, sometimes people are known to suppress myself, anchor his tight back not for the releases his hold power dwarf Kingfisher funeral waved the region. I used many words sometimes too. I just want to say that, at this time, I have to find yourself a different world, teeming with imagination to keep hiding ourselves in there that forget that mentally I’m want go somewhere on his feet, laptop backpacks on the shoulders, the heavy trịch with cameras and books and countless other miscellaneous stuff. That’s all.

But when one returns to his world, I’m back to the cravings. I was up the road, are away to a strange city. Was wandering on the roads is not familiar, smiling with the distant, sitting face gnaw bread bought in supermarkets, taking back the portrait of the city by the clumsy machine. Sink a can of themselves in a strange place nobody knows is a feeling impossible to describe. I like a strange cell infiltrate in a different body. Everything in front of us stars differ from what we know, it’s just the same beneficial ripple about the things we see is almost identical, it seems like this place over there, while in fact it is a separate body nicely. A place full of empty personal travel in search of his ego. I know, my cell to penetrate into it I just feel like I’m looking the same. The melodies come from the not-knowing. It sounds weird right? But for me when I don’t understand a possible, we only touch it by superficial tactile surfaces, then touching yourself the which gives an overall view, subjective, it is the easiest to approach him with sympathy, because of the long life on over đẵng , we the majority just touches another with the title look clairvoyance on instinct inside the interaction that I want.

Or imagine to one side of the Lake, and I was the Giants are standing on the shore of that Lake, as is the giant so even though very wide Lake size for normal people, but to me it is quite small, I put the hand up, my hands reach to the center of the Lake big hands, and sensitive, I’m touching it and then slowly I pushed her hand down little by little gradually, then suddenly I lifted the hand up, Lily, and dynamic Star Lake water ripple each stress roller ring that pervasive mind as this is very over newer by the concentric circles that fluctuate inversely proportional to slowly circle glass desk. I, just a touch sensitive surface touched indirectly and directly, cool water, the best piece of hairs on the hands I have my waggle to feel the fish swimming below the surface of the Lake, rong doing valsene the bottom of the Lake, the other creatures are not known by my abilities are tender rack together. I feel them in a clear way, like I’m flipping book page turn with the fate of. I manually move the imagine it on the dong a city where, on the contrary, I was a little kid, and the city is a giant, I don’t use the hand to understand the city, but the city used to knit together the blend of air flow through the street to touch each of the strands hairs on my body , vibrations, touching on the sophistication of the air flow, in that I can feel the heart of the neighborhood, the sadness of the other neighborhood, a girl sitting under the awning looks up the wide sky high dreams of her Prince, an elderly couple walking hand in hand to end the last days of my life , a group of young people are standing in line to turn into a nightclub where a youth section was paying it, the vitality and the forgotten … ever the tv then the breath for air flow, weave a touching little like me, I can simply the inside giant-close your eyes and feel , I expanded the senses, each of the pores as the eyes are hatched to pick on yourself all the vitality as well as the stagnation of a possible giants like the city. I’m not exhausted because of the huge absorption that, because my soul, Monday, invisible, invisible, located inside me, above me, I will burst out, diluted into space to welcome all.

That’s why I chose a fixed location or in an unfamiliar place just to set foot and put myself in it. I like lying in a hotel with window and exterior night scenes, I like sitting dead sticks in the coast where open up about the endless sea of black eyes, I love to sit on a mountain pass, look down the Valley turn dark black with full of the mystery behind the trees below. That, I to space around themselves real quiet, the world narrowed in the sight of the eyes but enlarged by the perceived by sense. It also does what no other country the magical Narnia, only that it’s real, and it is my experience with the body of his flesh.

A lightning in the sky, shining wet plaster through the attic window of my apartment, my eyes blink as fast as lightning, a door-way in my brain is open, I saw I was sitting there, before the Moulin Rouge in Paris, the cup of beer in front of, a figure full of illusion to sit next to me Paris noise even late-night ã because of where I sit the footsteps to walk constantly, constantly as if scared the living will is gone regardless of the time, we look at this person, the other person said about the people cross the street, go through the front, running beer, but the vitality of youth for stasis is full We are also very young, we are in a strange fit having city, a city where we often drop foot but just stay back in a few short days, that’s the first time we sat together. I’m not a little kid felt strange place by giant tactile anymore, I am a may have had a link with a different individual, is still small, but the little kid was duplicated, and soul then widened. Life went on in the light color of the night, the story is said with full of sharp jokes and the beloved. It’s a different experience, a different stranger that I see his smile, and my feelings are no longer currency closer to about where I’m sitting it again, my feelings it cling to the feelings of the person sitting next to me, and then from there, I don’t know, just feeling of the two emotions, we travel over the rooftops of Paris, such as the cat in the movie A cat in Paris of two directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol, lights, streets, each light puzzle shrinks into a the trade body could not resist, I never thought of it by the trade body than I have ever had through the page book of Victor Hugo , so that at that strange place trade body has turned into an intimate place filled with adoration, an adjective I just want to say to avoid love.

It was the first time we sat together in one place does not belong to both, and perhaps the last time in the finitude of human life which I find increasingly distant and isolated. From the desire to increase the hours were indeterminate by dreams. What was once so the more it turned into a dream, something unrealistic and non-spatial demarcation. Because the dream so then I have to manually override the dream again, to the slightest desire to go to a strange city my return me to the natural integrity of the feeling, the sense of anticipation and addition. There is a recent night, I’d go too, I wandered the streets in the cold night, I went out familiar bridge next to the house, I went to big square, four sides ether feeble lights midnight creating hauntingly full of light and dark, I slowed down, I felt inept and corrupt, the feeling of a soul not know where he belonged, feeling that it came because I was not in strange places I was near my house, where I still go regularly, where I was attached to each store and the street. I thought not know what I’m doing here, in the “house” is where I belong, nor mine, nowhere in the constant of life. I astray. If you are unfamiliar place I was completely self default before in my mind that I’m in where I do not know anything, so everything in sight is what I absolutely do not recognize. And in that big square near my house, in the night, occasionally the sound of the human voice oto of light as the wind echoed in the darkness were accomplices to mind their capital is quiet, to stir it up, so I think that I am able to do nothing at this close, why am I here, his back to get lost in the labyrinth of life, so just to remember but, sadly, to animals and looking at ourselves, struggling to go find out who I was, to find me in to take place. “House,” I’ve betrayed me. It betrayed me when I’m feel most familiar with it, I found myself dropping both his soul and body to which it clung, what is my familiar place it occasionally betrayed me so . It is the uncertainty that strange place will not bring me, the strange entity of a huge city that will not need to know who I am, I also do not know the city that it gives me what, we were two strangers, we melted into each other in the light and dark without feeling there will be a betrayal squashed his soul. Perhaps that is the reason why I and many other people, too, wanted to immerse ourselves in a strange place, sometimes, to get the “home” of mine.

That is the reason why I just want to sink into such this strange place, should I once quarreled with my buddies because I did not plan ahead to visit here and there, go to the landmarks on the tour book and then when arriving two guys every corridor ladder without knowing where to go to watch it being the symbol of where we come. Because it did not understand how I feel a strange city as I have enumerated above, it did not understand how I enjoy your trip, how I wandered in search of the city pulse through the senses the expansion. To go to the landmarks, the people did, but to feel the pulse of city life through openness and legs leading to the entrance is something not everyone can understand how to feel. I just think, in my opinion, when I let her play with the unfamiliar place, I will touch on the most simple, the essence, every single thread on giant arms will feel undersea reservoir circuit, or every hair on my body will touch the atmosphere of the flow of a huge entity that I am sinking inside it.

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